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Your Partner in People Management Solutions

Talent Management Solutions, HR Transformation, Knowledge Management, Corporate Universities, L&D, Learning & Development

Our Value

We provide methodology, proven models and experience for the design and execution of People Management strategies in accordance with our customers' needs.


Our customers are from the public and private sectors and diverse industries, including NGOs. Our client's point of contact are from:

  • HR departments
  • Corporate universities and internal and external training centers
  • Innovation, Internal Efficiency and Knowledge Management departments
  • Marketing departments
  • Postsales departments
  • Content Factories
  • IT departments


We have conducted projects with a vast variety deliverables in the People Management and Education fields, such as:

  • Alignment of Learning function to the Talent Management strategy.
  • Extended Corporate model. Use of Corporate and Social Learning as marketing and customer service tools.
  • Governance, organization and operating model for corporate universities and training centers.
  • Knowledge Management model.
  • Skills and competence models.
  • Content Management model and authoring tools.
  • Corporate Talent and Learning portals.
  • Public education and learning portals (B2B and B2C).
  • HR Shared Service Centers and BPOs.
  • Key Performance Indicators.

"Talent Management and Knowledge Solutions for large and small organizations"

"Our delivered solutions serve to more than half a million users in five continents"

2014-07-01 (Stockholm)
Talesys signs its first HR Big Data contract in the Scandinavian Market.
2014-01-28 (London)
Talesys participates in the Learning Technologies and Learning & Skills 2014 event in Olympia 2, London.
2013-09-28 (Madrid)
Talesys supports sport talent with the participation in the "Carrera Popular del Corazón".
2013-07-01 (Tampa - FL)
Tribridge enters the Human Capital Management (HCM) market with the acquisition of our American partner Intelladon.
2013-06-28 (Shanghai)
Talesys project. Presentation of the new ICT Education portal for the Asian market in the Mobile Asia Expo (MAE).

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Video Pablo Rico
Learning Trends and the required capabilities in the L&D team.
Pablo Rico, Principal Analyst. Talesys
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